Do you love all things makeup? Do you want a career where you can take your makeup creativity to the next level? Would you love to be a professional makeup artist where you can spend all day creating beauty? Do you have a passion to create beauty or artistry for the movies?

Aspen Beauty Academy of Laurel is for you. We offer a MUD makeup partner, offering their Beauty Essentials makeup course where you will gain the basic foundations of makeup application and theory so that you can then take those foundational skills along with your unique talent and build a professional makeup artist career. MUD graduates work all over the world, from fashion runways and movies to opening their own professional makeup studios and starting their own makeup lines. We focus on giving you the tools you need to then follow your dreams wherever they may lead. Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail about what you will learn in MUD Beauty Essentials makeup course. Contact us today to get started!

MUD Beauty Essentials course is an intensive 84 hour makeup course designed to give you the basic foundations of makeup artistry. Whether you have no experience in makeup or you have been doing makeup for years, these makeup classes will help you develop your talent and take it to the next level. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have all of the makeup application, technique, and theory to use anywhere you land.

In MUD Beauty Essentials, you will learn facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours and highlights, and learn specific keys to working on the eyes, lips, cheeks, and other facial features. By the end of MUD’s Beauty Essentials course offered by Aspen Beauty Academy of Laurel, Maryland, you’ll be able to perform any makeup technique required, from 100% corrective to all-natural makeup.